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Saturday, December 15, 2007

New MAC Make-Up

I finally got around to checking out the Holiday and Antiquitease Collections from MAC. I was surprised how much I loved these colors! Usually MAC make-up is way too harsh and drag-queenish, but the Holiday Collection is just perfect.

I got the eyeshadow duo in Famiy Silver. It as a medium and light silver shimmer with veins of gold running throughout. It's beautiful!

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I also got the Curiositease: 5 Cool Lipglass and Lustreglass. In MAC's Holiday Antiquitease collection, this mini colour set comes in a textured cream paper cylinder embellished with a silver royal crown motif. Inside are the cool-toned shades of Be Seen, a low profile white pink with gold pearl; Spirited, a pink champagned taupe, and Nymphette Lipglass, a sunned gold pink; and Star Nova, a demi-tone mauve with pearl and Flashmode Lustreglass, a fuchsia flashed up with white sparkle pearl.

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The Holiday and Antiquitease Collections are definitely worth picking up. You can order through MAC Cosmetics or at any Dillard's or Parisian stores.


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