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Monday, December 17, 2007

Ooooh, Random Crap

Have you been to Listverse? It's a nice site with lots of weird top ten lists, and it's great to read if you're bored or whatever. Right now my favorite list is Top 10 Bizarre Mental Disorders since I feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdwn. After reading this, I realized my life isn't so bad because, hey, I don't have Cotard Disease!

Oh look! It's the Top 8 Levels of Scientology. Jesus Christ, these people are apeshit out of their minds. How does a logical, rational person believe in this crap? But then again, Christianity wants us to believe a lady turned into a pillar of salt, people could live to be 972 years old, and some guy lived inside a whale for a while. But then again the Scientology poster boy is this douche:

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Christianity wins.

This list might come in handy for some of you. It's the Top 10 Prison Survival Tips!. I'm so glad I found this one. Now I know not to hang with punks and to keep my damn mouth shut when serving my time. I'm all fucking set!

Anyways, some of the lists on Listverse are really funny and interesting. Visit if you're bored.


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