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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

CB I Hate Perfume

I got a few samples of fragrances by CB I Hate Perfume from The Perfumed Court. I noticed a lot of buzz about this perfume house on makeupalley.com, and before I bought a large bottle, I wanted to sample it & see how it smelled on me. The perfumer is Christopher Brosius (CB) who hates your average, boring perfume that everyone knows about. He likes to create unique, simple scents. I got samples for Tea Rose and Gathering Apples.

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They smell so wonderful, and they smell just like their names suggest. And both dry down to soft scents. Most of the prices aren't too bad, and you can be sure you know what you're going to get because the names match the fragrance. I definitely plan on getting larger bottles of these.


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