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Thursday, January 17, 2008

What The F, Bill?


So, I came across this story yesterday:

Bill Gates, Antichrist

Is this fucker serious? I can't even get my mind around how a computer could monitor your brain, body temperature, & facial expressions. How does that even work? Do you have to have be hooked up to electrodes or those little heart montior sticker things they put on you in the hospital then plug them into the computer? How the fuck can you do your job with wires all over you? You couldn't even move. I would be so distracted by the wires, I wouldn't even be able to do anything. Everybody would be so pissed off and frustrated all the time. Second, who would approve this patent? Well, maybe Bush would, but thank God he will be out of office this year, and he won't be able to slip this one into the Patriot Act. What the hell is wrong with people? What kind of insecure control freak would even want to do this to people? Bill, you're insane.


Nerdy douche. Go shit in your hat!


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