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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Blame Marc Anthony

J.Lo, what happened? You were my style icon, and you go out in public like this? Why, why, why? Is it Marc? Maybe you're pregnant and the thinking's a little clouded? Or you have Beyonce's mom as your new stylist?

This is a sin against the fashion gods. What? The? Fuck? Please tell me you owed Tina Knoweles a favor & had to wear this travisty.

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I'm actually hoping she's having a pregnancy brain fart. I think I'm actually starting to believe the rumors that J.Lo's pregnant. Check out the loose dresses. This yellow one is really pretty, but it's so big on her. She's gotta be hiding a little secret.

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But there is no excuse for this crap. It looks like she raided my closet and got one of my fanciest Lane Bryant ensembles.

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I predict a J.Lo baby soon. Hopefully, it will take after her.

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Please, God, let it take after her.


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