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Thursday, January 17, 2008

TheBalm & Lip Lingerie

I recently purchased a beatiful eye pallette and a hot new lip gloss from two brands I've never used before. TheBalm has some of the best eyeshadow I've ever used. I love it even more thatn MAC and Too Faced. The pallette I bought is called BalmVoyage - one of Sephora's beauty must-haves.


The colors include Shady Lady Eyeshadow in Luscious Lani, Shady Lady shadow/liner in Caught in the Act Courtney, and Hot Mama Shadow/Blush along with an adorable luggage tag to make your suitcase stand out in the crowd. My favorite shade is Caught in the Act Courtney which is a dark brown with gold shimmer. It's perfect for making smokey eyes, and I sometimes use it as eyeliner. I've been wearing it everyday for a week. It's just beautiful. You can find all TheBalm products at Sephora.

I also picked up some new lip gloss from Dianne Brill's line, Lip Lingerie. I bought Camisole Ribbon a beautiful sheer pink.


The gloss is very long-lasting, and it makes your lips so soft. And it smells like peaches. You can check out Dianne's line here: Dianne Brill Cosmetics

I will definitely be buying more from TheBalm & Dianne Brill, and I'll post reviews of those later.


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