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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Jan Terri: Pure Sex

So D-listed's Hot Slut of the week is Jan Terri. Never heard of her? Me either, but you HAVE TO see this mess. She is Diane from Fat Camp in 30 years. I love her.

Apparently, Jan Terri was some sort of singer in the 80s and 90s, and she made a few horrific videos. Please watch them. They are like a train wreck - just awful but you can't take you're eyes off of it. Here is "Little Brother", an atrocious mash up of two stupid songs that together make up one giant turd:

Where do I start with this masterpiece? Well, first off, she needs a new career. She sings worse than Britney hopped up on Boone's Farm and lithium, but I do give her credit. Her writing skills aren't worse than Britney's. And if you know me, you know i can't write this without mentioning the abomination that is the hair and 80s clothes. I'm still trying to figure out how old this chick is. She has the hair and the body of a 70 year old diabetic grandmother, but she doesn't really dress like one. I'm so confused!! I think my favorite part is when she points at a cruise ship when she sings the words "cruise ship" just in case you don't know what she's talking about. However, she scores points because her love interest has an AC Slater mullet and is completely dressed in acid washed denim which makes me giggle. And she looks like Winston, and I am in love with Winston.


Here's another video that's even more craptastic:

Jesus, I don't know what's sexier, her bunt in those leather pants or her squatty midget legs in those boots. Hotness. My favorite part of this one is near 2:30 where the camera tries to go in for a close up of her face, but the camera zooms in on the concrete wall and then pans over to her like "fine, i'll do my camera thing and film this twat even though I'm terrified of that mug". Jan Terri, you rule bitch!


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