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Monday, February 25, 2008

God I Love Stupid People

Because I enjoy judging and making fun of others, I really enjoy the mugshot section of The Smoking Gun. It is an excellent compilation of mugshots of the stupid and famous as well as a few bizarre ones. Here are my favorites:

Awwww. Who lost a bet? That tatoo should go over really well in prison. Remember to keep the guy in the half-shirt, cut offs, and grape jelly away from your butthole.

I don't even know what to say about this one with his creepy mustache and Prince Valliant/


Carnie Wilson circa 1990 haircut.


You fail at life.


How fucking cute is that? He's like a little criminal Pillsbury Dough Boy. I want to just poke his belly and watch him giggle.

Now this one hits close to home for me. I did a double take when I saw this one because he looks like my Uncle Ricky who lives in a camper on a hill in Meridian, Mississippi. He has a suped up mustang with an enragingly awful "Meet The Beast" vanity plate (I'm for real. It's on my MySpace), but he gets arrested like 10 times a year for not paying his child support. And he's almost 50. The dirty mullet, the crazy eyes, and the agape mouth that you just know is screaming profanity, racial epithets, and butchering the English language with words such as "you-uns" and "fixin' to" stopped me in my tracks. But I didn't see a beer bottle or a chewing tobacco in his mouth, so I knew it wasn't him.

There's even more of these angels here: The Smoking Gun.


At February 28, 2008 at 1:20 PM , Anonymous Mo said...

Too bad Uncle Ricky doesn't live in a van down by the river.


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