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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Scent of a Candidate

Some idiot made fragrances for the presidential candidates:


Eau du Liars


Hillary's scent is jasmine, violet, rose, and musk. I would have gone with polyester, Bill's fingers, coffee breath, hairspray from her helmet hair, and dishonesty (if dishonesty has a scent).


Barak's fragance is a citrusy bergamot & musk. Bitch please. Barak reeks of fried chicken, hair relaxer, pampers, and cherry Kool-Aid.


John's is bergamot, water lily, lavender, cool greens, and musk. Does anyone else see the irony in this one? Give the most feminine scent to the POW. She forgot the old people smell, mothballs, gun powder, & post traumatic stress disorder (I don't know how you would bottle the scent of PTS, but it would be included).

I think I'm going to vote for who has the best fragrance. Because that's what matters.


At March 7, 2008 at 7:30 AM , Blogger Branches said...

This is hilarious...where does your mind come up with all this Jennifier? Miss you :(


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