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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Amazingly Awful Music: Gunther

Fuck Jan Terri and this dumb whore. My favorite new "artist" is Gunther FTW!


Pure hotness. That's the shiniest mullet i've ever seen. I bet he deep conditions or applies a hair mask at least once a week. Maybe he uses the V05 hot oil treatment. Who the fuck knows? I would like to discuss beauty tips with him while we go shopping for bronzer and glow sticks for the kick ass rave we would no doubt be attending. And the glasses are so retro. They're a cross between Elvis


and what I like to call "child molester chic":


I also admire his attention to detail hence the meticulously groomed porno 'stache. And that fucking dog looks like Mr. Bojangles from SNL who we can all agree is the most adorable thing on the planet:


I would kill the Pope to have a chance to kiss his tiny doggy nose.

If you haven't heard Gunther's "DingDongSong", you have to see the video below. This song will be in your head for days much like Rick's "Horse cock, horse cock, horse cock, horse cock, hor-orse cock..." song:

The video for "Ding Dong Song" is your typical techno/dance video reminiscent of that old Ace of Base/Real McCoy/Aqua shit. You have the glamour shots, the awful dance moves, big-titted whores, lots of bronzer. And the same shitty techno beat. I imagine Eurotrash


and gay German men


love this shit and vogue Madonna-style to it in the clubs. Warning: Guys, there is man ass at the beginning of this masterpiece, but if you keep watching you will see hot lezbo action. So, please, keep watching:

I sent Gunther a myspace request, and I will interweb stalk him if he does not accept me. I need him in my life.


At March 9, 2008 at 3:43 PM , Blogger The Browns said...

LMAO!!! I love you Jens! I hope you had a happy birthday & thanks for posting about Gunther. You crack me up! Keep us updated on your friend status with Gunther & myspace ;) ha

I was gonna write out all the Youtube videos I want you to check out....but, I'm just gonna e-mail you. I have so much shit Jason has showed me. So check your e-mail...and sit back & watch some Youtubez ;)


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