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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

So...I was watching one of my favorite movies, "Out of Sight", the one with Clooney & J.Lo. It's not only a cool, original story with amazing cinematography and direction, but it has, in my opinion, the absolute hottest scene ever put on film:

That is one of the sexiest things I've ever seen. It's a typical Steven Soderbergh movie with the freeze framing, the amazing lighting and music, the out of sequence frames all which created this amazingly hot love scene. It's so intimate and intense, but there's no nudity or graphic sex. It's two people who aren't supposed to be together (she's an FBI agent and he's a prison escapee for fuck's sake), but the attraction is so incredibly strong that you know it's going to happen...and it's going to be fuckin' awesome! I like the flirtatious convo with all the eye contact, but the best is the small gestures the characters make. Like the brush of the thigh, Jack taking the drink from Karen to hold her hand, the slow dance, and then the first kiss which seems to take forever and is made even sexier with the freeze frame effect and Jack and Karen silhouetted. By this time they're full on making out, I've been holding my breath for like 5 minutes. It's so intense! My favorite of all time.

Now, the trunk scene from "Out of Sight" is pretty good. However, it doesn't hold a candle to the bar scene. And Jack seems to have an affinity for Karen's thigh, and I can't blame him. He's always touching her! But I like the uncomfortable closeness in this scene. The too long stares Jack does. And how Karen so obviously wants him too, but can't show it. Again, INTENSE!

Another one of my favorites is "Unfaithful" with the incredibly talented Diane Lane, Olivier Martinez, & Richard Gere. This movie is about a bored, wealthy housewife who begins an affair with an exotic book store owner, Olivier Martinez. Eventually, her husband played by Richard Gere finds out which begins a series of tragic events ending in death and lies. The sex scenes in this movie aren't AT ALL subtle especially compared to "Out of Sight" and do not leave anything to the imagination. They're pure passion and fuckin'...equally awesome! Diane Lane is so brilliant in this. You can physically see her mental torture and being torn apart inside. We've all made the choice of whether to sucuumb to temptation - to something every part of your being wants but your conscious knows is wrong. And then make the choice to give in and FUCKING LOVE IT! And the part where book guy takes off her shoes and panties? Holy Christ, hotness. Also, Richard Gere's character gets oddly hot at the end. In the beginning of the movie, he's so boring. By the end, jealousy and anger take over and he commits a truly horrific act to, in his mind, save his marriage and keep his wife. There's something frighteningly hot about having someone love you that much - bordering on unhealthy obsession. So, if you love to mentally torture yourself and love hot sex, this is your movie, motherfucker.


Now, this next scene isn't really a "sex" scene as much as a "sexy" scene. It's Salma Hayak's striptease in "From Dusk Til Dawn" as the evil vampire Santanico Pandemonium. She has the most amazing bodies and moves I've ever seen. Tarantino also picked the perfect music to go with this too - a Mexican mariachi band playing a sexy slow song. I really want to learn that whole lick the beer off my leg thing. The hottest part of this whole striptease is when Hayak takes off the headdress and starts swinging her hair around as fire erupts in the background as she does this little hip shimmy thing. Hayak is disgustingly sexy and as Clooney says here, "Now that's what I call a fucking show!"

The rollercoaster scene in "Fear" is really hot too. Again, with the whole obssessive/passionate affair. Who wouldn't want to be finger-popped by their psychotic but sensitive boyfriend on a carnival ride? I know I would love it. But I'm a sick fuck. Watch this! It's so exhilirating!

Now, "Secretary" was one of those movies people really liked or just didn't get. I love movies that give me a weird mind fuck and challenge my thoughts of what is morally and sexually decent. One of the issues I had with this movie was if a)is this chick played by Maggie Gyllenhaal retarded or just socially awkward or b)is James Spaders's character just being mean? I really think she's just really weird and bored and obviously a complete pushover. And Spader's character totally takes advantage of it. I guess it's a perfect dominant/submissive love story. And who doesn't deserve/love a good swat on the ass every once in a while? Fun for the whole family!

Finally, Mr. Matt Damon convinces me he's not a goofy asexual in "The Bourne Identity"! Oh, man this make out scene is intense. His character and his girl are trying to outrun the FBI and have to disguise themselves in a yucky hotel room. He cuts her hair for her and make this connection ending in hot makeoutz. I just love this one because it's such a turn on for a guy to primp and pamper me like that. Like brushing my hair or doing my nails. It's so sweet and intimate. And I would SO makeout with you Bourne Identity-style.


Monday, August 4, 2008


Well, here it is!


It's the podcast Rick, Eddie, and I have been working on! If you haven't heard it on Paltalk you can sign up on the waxfantastic.com site and download past episodes as well as our indiviual blogs. Please visit. You'll love it. Tell us what you think!

<333333 Jenn